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Women's Vita Synergy

Women's Vita Synergy

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"I am often asked if I ‘believe’ in vitamins which to me is like asking, ‘Do you believe in air?’ Vitamins and minerals are essential to life. You can choose to ‘believe’ in them or not, but your body won’t function properly without them." — Jonny Bowden, CN, CNS, author of Shape Up!

In the staggering array of multiple vitamin and mineral supplements, Vita Synergy® stands alone as the only 100% natural, whole food formula available made with organic vitamins and minerals. We combine our exclusive Organically Grown Nutrients™ with our premium tonic herbal extracts, such as chaste tree berry, ashwagandha, shatavari, damiana, gotu kola, rhodiola, Siberian ginseng, wild yam root, holy basil and many others, to create uniquely nourishing, authentically energizing, antioxidant-rich formulas for men and women. Vita Synergy’s full-spectrum nutrition is so superior to any other multiple vitamin and mineral supplement that you will feel the difference!

Our Organically Grown Nutrients deliver essential vitamins and minerals in the form that your body can most easily absorb and utilize — whole food. Consuming whole-food nutrients is more significant than it may seem. It is of no value to consume vitamins and minerals if your body can’t assimilate and benefit from them: you end up simply with expensive urine (sorry, but it’s true!). Consider this: broccoli and almonds don’t contain just calcium, they also contain a multitude of other vitamins and minerals as well as vital phytonutrients, amino acids, lipids and carbohydrates. All of these constituents interact synergistically, much like musical instruments in a symphony, to create the health benefits we associate with vitamins and minerals. Over hundreds of thousands of years, our bodies have become exquisitely adapted to receiving nourishment in whole-food form, and our Organically Grown Nutrients beautifully reflect this. When you consume Vita Synergy, your body will eagerly embrace all its vital nutrients, enhancing and supporting your health at the most fundamental level.

MANY SUPPLEMENT MANUFACTURERS USE BEETLE SECRETION TO COAT THEIR TABLETS? It’s true! Shellac (beetle juice) and a whole host of petrochemical lubricants (petroleum), synthetic binders (petroleum), glues, genetically modified corn, stearates (rancid fats), disintegrants, preservatives and other unnatural chemicals are commonly used to create tablets.

We believed there had to be a better way to deliver nutrients. Although everyone said it couldn’t be done, after extensive research, we successfully developed an entirely natural method for creating tablets. The Synergy Company’s™ exclusive tablets are formed by using only 100% natural food ingredients. This results in a softer tablet that quickly and easily disintegrates in your stomach and is free of questionable chemicals.

You can experience the difference for yourself. Hold a Vita Synergy tablet between your thumb and forefinger, and snap. The tablet will easily break in two. Now try this with another vitamin and mineral tablet. No luck? Try a hammer, but be careful not to smash your fingers!

Because men’s and women’s physiologies and life energies are magnificently different, we created a unique formula for women of all ages and a unique formula for men. In addition to offering Organically Grown Nutrients, each formula provides the optimal quantities of rejuvenating Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal concentrates — Synergized® Botanical Extracts. These time-honored tonic herbs have a rich history of use to powerfully, but gently, balance women’s natural rhythms and strengthen men’s vitality. What’s more, our superior Synergized® Botanical Extracts are expertly concentrated and standardized to provide you with the greatest possible benefits. We also include Biopotentiators™ in Vita Synergy to support the absorption and utilization of the Organically Grown Nutrients. As an added benefit, the Biopotentiators also enhance the valuable effects of the Synergized® Botanical Extracts.

Vita Synergy for Men and Vita Synergy for Women are perfectly formulated to ensure that you receive the full spectrum of vital nutrients necessary to strengthen and balance all the systems of the body. The result — vibrant health and radiant well-being!

Because Vita Synergy is 100% food, it can comfortably be taken anytime, with or without food.


In Kinship with Nature The Synergy Company is committed to nourishing your innate life force as part of your path to optimal health and well-being. With this vision in mind, we have dedicated years of research in creating Vita Synergy — an unprecedented innovation in nutritional supplementation. In it, we have united the wisdom of ancient healing traditions with the best of modern science to create a product far superior to any other multiple vitamin and mineral formula.

Why is Vita Synergy so extraordinary? Quite simply, because it is food — unlike other multiple vitamin/mineral products, Vita Synergy is 100% whole food. It perfectly blends our exclusive, hydroponically farmed Organically Grown Nutrients with our healing and restorative Synergized® Botanical Extracts and Biopotentiators to create an indispensable foundation of nutritional and antioxidant support. Our two special formulations, Vita Synergy for Women and Vita Synergy for Men, reflect the exquisite differences and distinct physiological and energetic needs of women and men.

Vita Synergy’s formulas offer women and men of all ages a whole new level of enhanced endurance, renewed vitality, sustained energy and radiant well-being.

----------------------------------------------------------- Vitamins and Minerals Are Essential Our bodies are amazing! Every moment of every day, the cells in our bodies are creating energy, building tissues, communicating with other cells, digesting food, pumping blood, generating movement, transporting nutrients and oxygen, synthesizing hormones and neurotransmitters, eliminating toxins and waste material and protecting and defending our cells from unfriendly bacteria, viruses and mutant cells. However, while all of this is miraculous, none of it happens by magic. To accomplish all these vital, life-sustaining tasks, the cells in our bodies require a complex variety of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, co-enzymes and enzymes. Without adequate amounts of these fundamental nutrients, it is impossible for our cells to carry out the thousands of biochemical and metabolic processes responsible for maintaining optimal health. Nutrients are the catalyst for every life-supporting process in the body.

Once upon a time, humans could obtain essential nutrients from their diets fairly easily. For numerous reasons, though, this is no longer the case. Dietary and lifestyle choices are partly to blame. Over the last 100 years, our lifestyles have become increasingly sedentary. As a result, our caloric requirements have decreased, and we require less food to maintain a healthy body weight. Thus, our consumption of nutrient-rich foods has declined accordingly. Moreover, most of the known essential nutrients are found in fruits, greens and other vegetables, sea vegetables, herbs and algae — foods that very few modern people consume generously every day. The problem of inadequate consumption of nutrient-rich foods is compounded by conventional farming practices, which deplete nutrients and enzymes in the soil, making it difficult for plants to absorb sufficient amounts of these vital factors. These plants begin to lose nutrient value the moment they are harvested. During the approximately three weeks it takes for a fruit or vegetable to reach the plate of the consumer, around half of its nutritional value will disappear! We then add insult to injury by processing and preparing foods in ways that strip or diminish their remaining nutrient value.

While the nutrient density of our food has diminished, our need for the co-factors found in food has increased. Our lives are filled with unprecedented levels of physical, psychological and environmental stress, to which our bodies must adapt. This puts an even greater strain on our systems at a time when our nutrient intake is declining. Think for a moment about the presence of chemicals in our modern life. In the not-too-distant past, the average person was exposed to 50 toxic chemicals a day, at the most. Today, that number is closer to 5,000. This adds an enormous burden to the body, as these chemicals damage cells and must be removed from the body or neutralized quickly.

When we consider the variety of ways in which our diets and lifestyles no longer resemble those of every generation that has come before us, we can easily understand the extreme importance of supplementing with an organic whole-food vitamin, mineral and herbal formula such as Vita Synergy. Vita Synergy’s ideal blend of nutrients and herbal extracts provides a myriad of valuable vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants, necessary for every system in your body to optimally perform its life-sustaining work. When your body is fully nourished at the cellular level, you naturally experience authentic energy and renewed vitality as your body regenerates itself, creating glowing, radiant health and well-being.


The Vita Synergy Difference Nature’s medium for delivering nutrients to our bodies has always been pure, whole food. Very simply stated, we are designed to obtain our nourishment from living, vibrant foods, and not synthetic chemicals. This fundamental wisdom guided every step in the creation of Vita Synergy. Unlike other vitamin and mineral formulas, Vita Synergy is a deeply nutritious whole food and is 100% natural. Our innovative Organically Grown Nutrients are hydroponically grown and activated in a proprietary process that is actually very similar to the growth of vegetables in your garden. During this process, each vitamin and mineral is biotransformed and integrated into a potent, complex whole-food matrix composed of millions of microscopic plant cells rich in life-giving vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, amino acids, co-enzymes, trace elements and many other phytonutrients. The result is a rich, biologically superior source of whole-food vitamins and minerals that your body can easily assimilate to support and enhance all its vital, life-sustaining processes.

Our Organically Grown Nutrients have been extensively tested in more than 60 independent, published studies. The scientific tests confirm that our unique Organically Grown Nutrients differ substantially from ordinary synthetic vitamins and minerals because they contain crucial food co-factors.

We’ve also included generous portions of rejuvenating, adaptogenic tonic herbs in Vita Synergy to provide you with the most comprehensive formula possible. To strengthen and protect their health, our forebearers regularly consumed a variety of these special, highly beneficial herbs as part of their normal diet. While some products offer token amounts of these herbs, Vita Synergy’s Synergized® Botanical Extracts provide these herbs in meaningful quantities and concentrations that help your body adapt to the stressful demands of modern life while sustaining optimal energy and vitality.

Our Biopotentiators are the perfect finishing touch to Vita Synergy’s full-spectrum formula. This exceptional blend of herbs and spices contains botanicals that are proven to assist in the absorption and utilization of all the valuable ingredients in Vita Synergy.


Honoring Men’s and Women’s Differences Life is infinitely rich and diverse. Nowhere is this more evident than in the wonderful differences in the essential natures and physiologies of women and men. To fully support and respect their distinct nutritional and energetic needs, we have created two extraordinary formulas, Vita Synergy for Women and Vita Synergy for Men. Each of these special formulas provides a carefully crafted blend of Organically Grown Nutrients and Synergized® Botanical Extracts to create a superior nutritional foundation for women’s and men’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. When we are nourished at this most fundamental level, we flourish! Our bodies naturally regenerate, and we radiate a luminous, glowing health.

Unsurpassed Quality 100% WHOLE FOOD: All the vitamins and minerals in Vita Synergy are our exclusive, whole-food Organically Grown Nutrients, which offer you superior absorption, retention and bioavailability.

CONCENTRATED AND STANDARDIZED: Our Synergized® Botanical Extracts and Biopotentiators are pharmaceutical-quality, full-spectrum herbal extracts from the most reputable sources in the world. Each herb is expertly concentrated and thoroughly tested to ensure that all its naturally occurring, beneficial constituents are present and active. We use standardized concentrates many times more potent than those frequently used by other companies. In this way, Vita Synergy provides you with all the strengthening and balancing benefits of these nourishing botanicals.

SAFE AND PURE: Every ingredient in Vita Synergy, including our herbal extracts, is tested to ensure its origin, purity, species, potency and safety, and we maintain extensive documentation on all ingredients. Moreover, Vita Synergy contains NO fillers, artificial preservatives or synthetic ingredients of any kind.

PURE MANUFACTURING™: Vita Synergy tablets are 100% natural! Nearly all other manufacturers use a variety of chemical lubricants, shellacs, glues, stearates, fillers, disintegrants, binders and preservatives to manufacture tablets. While almost everyone else uses these methods, they are completely incompatible with our philosophy and commitment. As a result, The Synergy Company pioneered an exclusive technique for forming tablets using SOLELY 100% natural ingredients.

ULTRA FRESH PACKAGING™: All of The Synergy Company’s products are protected by our Ultra Fresh Packaging™ system. Whole-food vitamins and herbs, like fresh food, deteriorate quickly if they are exposed to light and oxygen, so we take scrupulous care to protect the ingredients in all our products. Glass is the only packaging material that is 100% inert and impermeable (research shows that plastic bottles let in nutrient-robbing oxygen and allow chemicals to leach into food). For this reason, we vacuum-pack Vita Synergy in light-resistant, recyclable glass bottles with a specially designed oxygen absorber and moisture-wicking desiccant. The bottles are then hermetically sealed with induction technology to protect the potency and efficacy of all Vita Synergy’s valuable components.

VEGETARIAN: Vita Synergy is 100% vegetarian.


Vita Synergy® for Women Vita Synergy for Women is our comprehensive, whole-food formula that combines the wisdom of healing traditions from around the world with the best of modern science. A woman blossoms when she is deeply nourished on all levels of her being. Vita Synergy for Women does just that. We begin with an optimal amount of our Organically Grown Nutrients. We then add healing botanicals and flower essences with a special affinity for a woman’s unique life-cycle rhythms, along with other powerful antioxidant and restorative herbal concentrates. Vita Synergy for Women offers women of all ages a new level of nurturing nutritional support, feminine balance, renewed energy and radiant health.

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