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Waterwise 7022 with 12 Gallon Resevoir. + GIFT

Waterwise 7022 with 12 Gallon Resevoir. + GIFT

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MODEL 7000 - 12 Gallons Choose Size3 Gallon - 70248 Gallon - 702912 Gallon - 7022

If you use several gallons of water every day in your home or office, the Model 7000 was designed for you! This ultra-convenient, high-output system will keep you supplied with plenty of fresh steam distilled water. Constructed of durable stainless steel, this workhorse will deliver years of reliable service. And one simple connection is all it takes to give you steam distilled water on tap. Storage capacity is offered in three different sizes, 8 or 12 gallon floor model and the 3 gallon countertop system.

FULLY automatic ~ high output

The 7000 system produces up to 9 gallons a day and stores purified water in the stainless steel reservoir. The fully automatic operation continuously refills the water storage reservoir…so it’s always fresh. The patented “gravity control” feed system eliminates the need for boiler floats, ensuring reliable performance. The optional Remote Pump System provides the luxury of pure water to your icemaker, wet bar, etc.