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HT-7120 ThermoStretch

HT-7120 ThermoStretch

Item #: ht7120-thermostretch-massage-c7120

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The Human Touch ThermoStretch™ HT-7120 massage chair has everything you're looking for in a massage chair and some things you didn't even know were available. The Human Touch HT-7120 is the only chair in its price range that offers Massage Comfort Control. This advanced technology allows the user to electronically adjust the comfort setting of the backrest and transform this powerful massage chair into a luxurious comfortable home theater chair. Loaded with some of the most advanced massage features on the market the ThermoStretch™ combines Dual-Lumbar Heat and Full-body Stretching that helps alleviate stress, tension, back pain and sore muscles. Give your body a treat of massage with the ThermoStretch™ HT-7120 massage chair.