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Who Is Ejuva? In today's modern world it is difficult to find a person whose intestinal functioning is not impaired as a result of unnatural dietary habits and adverse environmental influences. Constipation, intestinal gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and the growing problem of fungal diseases, worms, and parasites can often be traced back to disrupted intestinal functions. Through our past eating habits, emotional pressures, or just living in our modern environment, our bodies have become reservoirs for toxic waste. Layer upon layer of mucoid matter has been built up in our intestinal tract. Elimination of waste does not function at optimal levels, our kidneys aren't excreting fully, our liver is not detoxifying completely, the bile is not flowing properly, the pancreas can not produce the enzymes meant for digestion, fats and cholesterol have built up, skin problems have emerged, chronic fungal problems or candida won't go away, and our immune systems have become so compromised that HIV, Epstein Barr and Cancer are common household names.

Ejuva is an herbal nutritional supplement company working worldwide to promote optimal health through the use of entirely natural, organic and wildcrafted herbs. Normally one-third of the ingredients in tablets that you buy from health food stores or direct distribution is full of filler. It might be something as simple as cornstarch, or something more chemically derived. Additionally, there are chemicals added just for the lubrication of the tableting machine! Our tablets are produced through a propriety process which uses no heat. Then they are compressed. There are no additives or fillers in our products. What you see is what you get.


Ancient Wisdom: Cleansing Through Herbs When we trace back our lineage far enough, we find that all human searching for health comes from our indigenous roots or the wisdom of folklore. In our modern culture, we have lost touch with the basic understanding of how real health is attained. Through applying the principles of modern scientific research with the traditions of cleansing the intestine through the use of herbs and natural substances, the body can be helped to assimilate and divest what is put into it.

Conditions such as loss of vitality, poor health, gas, bloating, candida, and poor skin conditions have all been linked to the build up of mucoid layers in the intestines.

Old stagnant waste material in the intestines can block proper absorption and elimination of food as well as serve as a breeding ground for harmful organisms and parasites. These unwelcome inhabitants can pollute the blood, organs, and lymph system, causing degenerative diseases.

The Ejuva Intestinal Cleansing program is designed to remove the accumulation of stagnant waste material that never leaves the bodies of most people. Many people who have taken this program have experienced extensive improvements in vigor, vitality, and overall health.


Cleansing From Within When the intestines have a build up of mucoid layers, there may be serious interference with the digestive process. Even with just a thin layer of this substance, sluggish peristaltic action, constipation or even diarrhea could result. Water, juice fasts, or colonies are limited in their ability to remove this mucoid substance. It is not only necessary to remove it from the colon but also from the stomach and small intestine! Become Healthy Now The Ejuva Intestinal Cleansing program is formulated specifically for the detoxification of the intestines, blood, organs, and tissues cells, while improving elimination and general well being. Since every human being has unique health requirements, the program has been designed to be taken in 4 stages, each lasting approximately one week. You choose which level is most appropriate for your cleansing needs. In each phase, Ejuva herbs and shakes are ingested. Phase 1This is the initial phase that prepares the body for deep cleansing. First time cleansers, toxic individuals, meat eaters, those with chronic diseases or physical problems start here. Even at this stage, old fecal and mucoid matter is expelled from the body. Three meals may be eaten per day.

Phase 2Two meals may be eaten per day, which still supports cleansing.

Phase 3One meal may be eaten per day, allowing for deep cleansing. Many people elect to end their cleanse here.

Phase 4This is the most potent phase of the Ejuva Intestinal Cleansing program. No food is eaten during this phase, which allows for maximum cleansing and detoxification.


Purity All the products of the Ejuva Intestinal Cleansing program are organic or wildcrafted and contain absolutely no yeast, sugar, soy, wheat, corn, rye, starch, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They are never sterilized or irradiated. The components of the Ejuva Intestinal Cleansing program are synergistically combined to produce total cleansing in the shortest possible time. The program consists of:

An intestinal cleansing formula with four distinct herbal mixtures, plus human-specific probiotics. Power has 22 different American, European, and African herbs. Balance has 27 Chinese, Ayurvedic, South American and American herbs. Both are in a tablet form to be taken 1 to 4 times a day. An intestinal bulking agent which contains pure Psyllium husk, Slippery Elm powder, Flax seed meal, and Chia seeds. This is taken 1 to 4 times a day. A blend of complimentary human-specific Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria that numbers in billions of microorganisms which you take once a day. A rejuvenating formula, based upon Ayurvedic Triphala, combined with several anti-fungal and anti-parasitic herbs which is taken with the bulking agent. A vibrational gem elixir in a base of Ayurvedic oils to remove toxins and balance subtle energy centers. For further information about the EJ UVA Intestinal Cleansing program and other products, please telephone or write us.


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Disclaimer The information contained on these pages is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, be used as the basis for treating a particular symptom or disease, or to replace any prescribed treatment that you are currently undergoing. If you have a serious health condition, you should always consult the assistance of a qualified practitioner. All guidelines for the use of the Ejuva Program are suggestions only. You are never required to follow any outline information or any product label. How you use any Ejuva product, whether individually or combined in a program, is ultimately up to you. Any statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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