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Renew Yourself: Keys to Rejuvenation and Youthing Book FREE SHIPPING

Renew Yourself:  Keys to Rejuvenation and Youthing  Book FREE SHIPPING

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Stop wasting money and time on things that don't work. Is the quality of your life worth investing in?

Experience a transformation in your health that will have you experiencing energy pulsing through your body, crystal clarity, and a passion for living. Here's your chance to turn the clock back, and look and feel years younger.


Renew Yourself: Keys to Rejuvenation and Youthing by Dr. George Cromack explains each topic in an easy practical format: what it is, how it works, why you need to know about, how you do it, and where you can learn more about it. By avoiding getting overly involved in the philosophical and theoretical aspects, you can quickly learn how to integrate the tools you need to affect positive change. Forget reading books that take forever, and leave you wondering how it relates to you!

  • Normalize weight without starving
  • Dramatically increase your energy
  • Decrease pain and stiffness
  • Look and feel years younger
  • Dramatically decrease stress levels

  • “Dr. George Cromack has been a friend for over ten years. He is an extraordinary practitioner versed in multiple disciplines of health and healing. His easy-to-read book, Renew Yourself, summarizes and simpli fies a wide variety of information in the areas of nutrition, health, longevity and rejuvenation. Read this book can save you years of research. I know that as you take action on his recommendations, you will experience The Best Day Ever!"

    David Wolfe


    You can have someone with over 30 years experience in nutrition, chiropractic, acupuncture, mind-body medicine, exercise physiology, and coaching world class professional athletes; show you the tools to rejuvenate yourself and feel better than ever! If you want to learn to gain the energy, vitality, and clarity to accomplish your dreams you need a Guide. If you want to learn to gain the energy, vitality, and clarity to accomplish your dreams; you need a Guide.

    The problem is that we are constantly bombarded in the media and when shopping by thousands of products and advertisements promising to help improve our health and renew our life. If you are well read and educated, you can weed through some of the fluff. Then one needs to experiment and try different products and recommendations; to separate what produces a substantial improvement in one's health from the hype. Next, one must get feed-back by using the given tool with patients. After that, one would need to try the given recommendation with world class athletes. One then needs the experience to decide what recommendations are practical for different people to integrate in varied situations.

    If you want results, you need role models. And that's what Dr. Cromack will be for you, someone who is getting results and will show you how to do the same. Here's some of what you will learn:

    The proper use of pillows and supports to minimize neck and back pain (page 1)

    Two kinds of traction you should do daily at home, after the age of 40 and why (page 2)

    Learn how eating more of these types of foods increasingly leads us towards: being pain free, increased flexibility, contentment, high energy, optimal weight, and increased health and happiness (page 21)

    The number one Superfood used by world class athletes and why you need to take it! (page 30)

    Learn how using natural zeolites encapsulates and eliminates: Heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides; Blocks virus production, activate the P21 tumor suppressing gene, and has an immune system modulating effect (page 43)

    Why this 5000 year old tonic is considered a universal panacea to lower high cholesterol, lower high blood pressure, gently cleanses the colon and eliminates constipation (page 46)

    How Juice fasting will make you look and feel younger and activates the youthing gene (page 60)

    Five easy Restorative stretches that quickly allow you to stretch your spine in all direction and experience deep rest, while you decrease dangerous stress chemicals, pain, and stiffness

    (page 62)

    A special breathing exercise that allows you to quickly rebalance your nervous system: improving digestion, elimination, and sleep; making your body feel lighter (page 70)

    A new technology that allows you to deeply relax and produce brain wave patterns that are consistent with Zen Monks practicing meditation for 20 years. (page 73)

    Four special acupressure points to treat: neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist pain, headaches, sciatica, and menstrual cramps (page 77)

    Why doing this cleanse will radically rejuvenate you in 30 days and make you more beautiful (page 85)

    How to do a home facial that is better and cheaper than the one in the salon (page 91)

    A 5000 year old technique that will remove stress, decrease pain and stiffness, and make your body more attractive (page 96)

    How to understand your body type and why you need to know this to fine tune your diet and lifestyle (page 97)

    How to do a 5000 year old rejuvenation program formerly reserved for royalty, at home. This program normally costs thousands of dollars a week to do in the united states (page 102)

    The extreme longevity secrets of Chinese super tonic herbs, and what you need to know (page 104)

    Herbs and procedures for acute and chronic pain (page 109)

    After years in practice, it became apparent that the same questions kept coming up over and over on almost every visit. We never get an owner's manual in school on how to properly care for our bodies. Most of the time our GPs are too busy to discuss with us basic concepts on how to optimize our health. With the internet and sharing of knowledge, the field of nutrition and life-extension is growing at an exponential rate. The truth is most of us know how to take care of our cars better than our bodies. You need a Guide who can stay abreast of the advances and can relate to you what works in a practical easy to understand way. Cromack is that person..

    Dr. George Cromack has been studying nutrition, mind body medicine, and exercise physiology for thirty years, but unlike academics who talk a good talk, Dr. Cromack is walking his talk daily.

    "Renew Yourself integrates Dr. Cromack’s deep understanding of neuro muscular and structural health into a truly multidisciplinary self-help guide to vibrant health, longevity, and rejuvenation. We highly recommend Renew Yourself to all of our clients at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center."

    Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H)


    "An essential part of surfing at the Highest Level is one's optimal physical and emotional well-being. Dr. George Cromack has helped me to attain this through a program of strength training, conditioning, yoga, and nutrition. With his help I have been able to remain in top form."

    - Dennis Pang 55 year old legendary waterman and big wave surfer


    "Not only is Renew Yourself: Keys to Rejuvenation and Youthing a concise and sublime book on overall health and well being , but it is written in a practical way so the main stream American will find it easy to understand and be able to integrate quickly the information in a simple and effective way in their every day life. Very accessible and an enjoyable read!! It will be one of the staples on my bookshelf wherever I may be!!! "

    - Christopher, Bloomington, IN


    "I am amazed at the wealth of health information covered in just 150 pages. The reader will learn about diet, the correct pillows for sleeping, lumbar supports, inversion slings, traction units, gallbladder cleanse, fasting, strength training, and much, much more. This is an important resource for good health."

    - B. Davis, Pacific Northwest